Spotify Play Button – is Spotify Apps already out of date?

It has gone increditable fast since Spotify introduced their Apps platform and though they haven’t really got up with it enought Spotify unlesh something that already might retire the platform – the Spotify Play Button. Now, people can put playlists that can be played directly from pages (if people has spotify installed) and that means that the reasons the need of making an integrated app in Spotify lesser equivalent. Sadly, I believe the app concept submission policy alongside the tight guidelines may scare away developers, especally now when they can put playlists directly from their regular site and don’t need to either spend time on rebuilding the site on Spotify and go through a admission that might delay the business.

I was amazed by the apps platform and is still it. But why must Spotify make occasional clones of their concepts everywhere? But my mind has probably got a sixth sense.

This is a little new-agish viewpoint of the situation

I had several dreams, where my astral body, was attached to the Spotify office. I flew into the office and got clue that Spotify was working on their next solution after the Apps platform, a solution that should revolutionize the music listening once again (how many revolutions has Spotify made  – are the word too much used), a solution that would connect every single musical node on the internet to the Spotify business with special systems that would connect every single music site to the Spotify platform. I believed the fuzzy documentation in the Spotify apps framework and the fuzzy feelings about their impressions as a sign that they almost getting into a something increditable amazing stuff. I had a vision in the dream where I saw a tester opened a Spotify client, where he with a special URI (like spotify:internal:browser) accessed the chromium with a web browser. He could open every site on the internet, but only if a secret piece of JSON was entered in a file in the app’s folder. That scene told me why apps in Spotify must have DefaultPermissions set to their domains it want to access to prevent users to be phised in future builds with Web Browser. The web browser would then interact any instance of the web browser on related sites by minimialistic http daemon running in Spotify, severing communication about playback and stop inside Spotify, something I’ve found out after inspecting code in Chrome. That gave me a jigsaw that then opened for the next vision I saw in my mind one week ago in the shower – Spotify is building a feature that I called ”Pass”. It’s like a pass port. ”Spotify Passport” would enable instant access to music everywhere on the internet as so long the catalouge is matching Spotify’s one. This means that any site builder could interact with the Spotify stuff by several means, like twitter do today. A login factuality is on going – several snippets from official devs reveal that Spotify has a oauth route, so this hints that soon Spotify will have their own OAuth log-in system, allowing music sites for example let people log-in with their Spotify account.

Amazingly my forecast was real, at least a part of the only four days later – on April 10 Spotify released their Spotify Play Button, it’s just the same as the ore concept my vision says – probably a part of the full feature. Then I realized what it could mean for Spotify as iself.

Spotify Apps may be obsolute already. As said before, what reasons now making it worth releasing a Spotify specific app when they can do the same nowmore on web pages? Just playlist generation that yes – but other stuff is increditable lower. A regular ‘music browsing’ app like Tunigo or Pitchfork wouldn’t have so much advantages over a regular website – at least not providing an shortcut, a shortcut that even might add additional demand of time, code costs of new web sites and so on. I even believe this is an act from Spotify side to lower the demand of app requests from builders of ‘catalogue’ apps as they now can make it work from their site and only have specialized apps there. In some case, Spotify Apps take huge demand of administration as every app must be investigated and admitted.




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